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Macro Cosmetic Textures

This was a small personal project with stylist and set designer Carrie Louise. We wanted to play with some ideas involving cosmetics in ultra close up. We were conscious of avoiding traditional approaches and wanted to produce something fresh and new. The images would be completely sharp from front to back, to remove any clue to the scale. We wanted to keep the pallet simple and paired back, with single blocks of colour. The compositions would be graphic, with a single main element, cropping on one edge. Givenchy very kindly helped out with some sample product.

Magnification was between 2 and 4 times life-size. There is really only one very specialised Canon lens that allow you to achieve these extreme close ups whilst retaining clarity and definition. Allied to this we shot multiple focus plates to give the required depth of field. These were then"comped" together in post production to produce one seamless image.

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