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John Lewis Christmas Gifting

Towards the end of 2018 I was asked to shoot the John Lewis Christmas Gifting Campaign for the Agency Adam and Eve DDB. Ant Nelson was the CD who I'd worked with on a campaign for Guinness a few years previously. When we got involved the idea was at a fairly early stage, based around coloured columns. The Makerie Studio were brought on board and together with Ant, we developed the idea to included a three dimentional world of plinths, towers and columns. The idea was to subtly suggest gifts without anything anything as literal as bows or wrapping paper. The general feeling was that it was still missing something, and the festive feel could be pushed. Julie from the Makerie came up with idea of introducing the ribbons, which would flow through the sets. These would help bring the various elements together, whilst adding energy and movement.

Many of the products we were shooting would only be released in the run to Christmas so the shoot had to take place later than would be usual, over a couple of weeks in November. This didn't leave much time to turn around the retouching and design, but was brilliantly handled by the team at Adam and Eve. The Makerie produced a large selection of shapes which were combined on set in and around each particular product with the ribbons threaded and hung with a mixture of tension, rods and fishing wire.

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