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Harlan + Holden CAMINO

When certain Art Directors approach you, you almost don't need to ask about the project. You just say yes! Jay Hess is one of those people, so when he called me about a potential shoot for Harlan + Holden I didn't hesitate. The shoot would involve a number of still images and a motion piece. The subject would be the Camino shoe, the key feature of which is its lightness. The brief was to explore different natural materials and actions that suggest lightness. A recurring theme was to be a grasshopper, an animal that holds significant symbolism in many asian countries.

The schedule was going to be tight, but I managed to get a fantastic team together. Bryony Edwards designed and produced the sets, "Grubbly Tim" was in charge of the grasshoppers, and Rob Streeter (DOP) and Alex Mead (Edit) were on board for the motion day.

For the still executions we used Profoto Pro10's. This enabled us to use incredibly short flash durations, which completely froze the movement in the liquids, and explosions.

For the motion shoot we used a Phantom Flex, which gave the most incredible results. A standard movie camera shoots 25 frames per second, the Phantom shoots up to 1600! The result is that you need a huge amount of light, to achieve any sort of depth of field. For the table top sets we were using, we needed around 15K of light! Below is the Instagram edit.

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