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Throughout 2017 I collaborated with Gillian Obrian and The Flower Laboratory on a number personal and commercial projects. Gillian has an incredibly intuitive and creative approach to plants and flowers. This particular series involved taking single stems and slicing away sections with a scalpel. As is often the case, what lies beneath the surface can be more intriguing than what is on the surface. Through a process of trial and error, we narrowed it down to four flowers. These had the right combination of interest on the outside and complexity on the inside.

The resulting images appeared in an exhibition called Internal Alchemy in Soho. London in October.

Another element of the project was to shoot a video instillation that would be displayed on the stairwell of the gallery. The space was very tight and awkward so the footage had to work even when viewed on juxtaposed planes.

After experimenting with various plants and

lighting set ups we decided that silhouetted

Grasses, shot at 120fps gave the ideal effect.

It was important that you never saw the "edge" of frame so we used a short throw projector. This covered all the walls with gently swaying plants!

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